Natural Ingredients, Healthy Hair
 The development process of the “My Curly Way” product line, took a long time. The main reason for that is that we wanted the products to be not only based on natural ingredients, but we wanted them to be useful for the worldwide curly hair community as well.
Useful- what does it mean?
It means that your hair will look no less than perfect! Defined curls, moisturized, and full of life.
The combination between natural to useful is not so obvious, especially when we’re talking about styling products. It’s very hard to combine these two criteria together, but after a long development process and after sending those products to curlies to test around the world, we succeeded!

What will you NOT find here?
 The products were created out of the necessity of the curly hair community. Therefore, you will not find here sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil or drying alcohols.

 What WILL you find here?
 Provitamin B5
 Provitamin B5 is a member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family. It is known for hydrating, moisturizing, protective and anti-aging.

 Jojoba Oil
 Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant. It’s composition resembles our natural oil that lays upon our skin and scalp (sebum) and therefore is not too oily for human beings. This oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and therefore, helps to moisturize the hair and skin.

 Plant Extracts
 Each product contains several plant extracts with different benefits according to each and every product target. To understand more, view each product page.

 Vegan Friendly
 The ingredients were extracted from plants

 Cruelty Free
 We do not do animal testing, period.